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About Katie the Artist

Katie Fox is the first female to open a Tattoo Studio in Mackay with the added title of opening the first Tattoo shop that also houses Hair cutting & grooming services for both men and women located in the very unique one shop. Katie specialises in black & grey realism art work and loves a challenge in any form, however when asked she states simply that she loves doing all styles and types of tattoo's.

An award winning tattoo artist, she has been involved in the tattoo industry for close to a decade. It all began with her apprenticeship in early 2007 and was cemented with its successful completion at the beginning of 2011.

In the 5 years since completing her apprenticeship Katie has gone on to become the only tattoo artist in the Mackay region to master the art of colour portraits, a self taught ability she worked hard to achieve. Katie is also a tattoo artist capable of complex cover up's, freehand work and all tattoo styles.

Katie is very grateful to everyone who has helped and supported her over the past decade, so if you aren't already apart of it come and join the Gold Empire Tattoo family now!


About Katie Personal

Within the first few minutes of meeting Katie you will most likely discover her wicked sense of humour and strong sense of self. Her love of ink started early with her first tattoo at age 16, by which point she was already a very accomplished artist in the ways of drawing with charcoal, painting and other forms of art.

Katie is a hands on kind of person, she loves her bikes and working in her shed for some down time as well as chilling with her friends. Family is a BIG part of Katie's life, she is the proud Mum to her son and shares two beautiful two step sons with her fiancé Andrew, kick ass kids whom they simply adore.

To learn more about Katie and to follow her work head to her business page on Facebook and follow "Gold Empire tattoo" or find her on Instagram.

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